Monthly Archives: June 2009

Madaleine crushed the Westie Face of Leaning Tower!

After a few weeks of effort Madaleine Sorkin made an early female free ascent of the Westie Face (V 5.13a A0) on Leaning Tower. She persevered through bailing partners and un-settled weather to send the route on Thursday. Kate was nice enough to go up with her on the day of the send so Madaleine could lead every pitch.

I wasn’t able to go up for the day of the send but Madaleine was willing to go back up the next day to shoot some pics. We’ve been having some crazy weather here in Yosemite for the last few weeks which has produced some great light. We were hoping for some of that great light but got skunked up there. The sun wasn’t able to burn through the dark clouds but I still managed to get a few shots in.

2009.06.12 Madaleine Sorkin free climbing on The West Face of Leaning Tower – Images by Mikey Schaefer

Elderhostel Photograhy Course photos

I just got back from teaching another photography course for the Dixie State College Elderhostel program.  We had a good time and got some good shooting weather.  A few scattered thunderstorms produced some great light.   As always, it is amazing to get to travel through such amazing places and get paid to do it.  We started in Zion National Park, then head north to Bryce National Park, the onto the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  6 days in total were spent shooting and travelling.  Headed back to Yosemite now.

Here are a few photos from the course.

2009.05.26 Elderhostel – Images by Mikey Schaefer