Off to the Arrigetch Peaks

We are making a quick turn around and heading farther north to the Brooks Range which lies just north of the Arctic Circle. We will be attempting to climb some off the peaks of the Arrigetch range in the Gates of the Arctic National Park.

Last night we met up with Tobey and Cort (our partners for the trip and new residents of Fairbanks)  and are making last minute preparations for the trip today.  We need to be Coldfoot tomorrow to catch another ride on a Beaver (the classic bush plane of AK)

The weather forecast isn’t looking to promissing at this point but hopefully it will improve and we’ll have at least a few good days of weather to get some climbing in.

Here’s a little beta on where we are going:

Arrigetch Peaks on Wikipedia

Clint Cummins collection of info

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  1. Hi, Mikey.. We met in Chalten last January. I was with the Slovenian group of Climbers..

    I was in Yosemite this September and i met Dana, but l left before he gave me an email adress. I left him my email in his box, but i don’t know if he found it. Maybe you can send me his adress or tell to him to write me, because if he is going to come to France this winter, we can meet.

    Thank you for answer me.. Best reagards