24 Hours of Horshoe Hell


Late last month I was invited to go compete in the 24 Hours of Horsehoe Hell, a 24 hour sport climbing competition in Arkansas.   Previously I’d only been in one climbing competition and that was when I was 17 at a tiny bouldering gym.  It was pretty lame.   I  heard this comp is nothing like the normal comp scene and was sure to be a good time.  I also I figured I may do ok given the nature of the comp, that is climbing for 24 hours, something I’ve got a knack for.  Their were plenty of people I could of chosen as my partner but I knew Colin Haley would be the best choice, as he doesn’t take things to serious and is maybe as good as anyone at climbing a whole lot of vertical in one day.

So we made it happen and actually somehow managed to place 4th!  Not bad for a couple of “Alpinistos Gordos” as Colin called us.

Here’s a post on the Cleanest Line blog about our outing:   http://www.thecleanestline.com/2009/10/twenty-four-and-so-much-more-.html#more