Acopan Tepui and 10 Pounds of Tequila

I recently teamed up with Jonathan Thesenga, Brittany Griffith and Kate Rutherford for 3 weeks of jungle adventure down in the Gran Sabana of Venezuela.  We set our sights on the overhanging east face of Acopan Tepui, a formation that has been climbed a few times but still has plenty of potential.  The trip couldn’t of been more successful!  After 9 days of effort we were able to establish a ground up, grade V free climb that went free at 5.12c.  And to my surprise we were able to do the route without any lead bolts, though we placed 5 bolts at belays to facilitate  the rappel route.  Definitely one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever been on.

For a more in depth report check out Patagonia’s Cleanestline blog.

2010.02 Acopan Tepui Venezuela

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