National Geographic Extreme Photo of the Week

After patiently waiting since last November I can share some of the work I did along side Jimmy Chin for National Geographic.

More pics and videos to come shortly. Until then here is National Geographic’s Extreme photo of the week. This photo still give’s me the chills.

Almost forgot to mention this is Dean Potter free soloing Heaven, 5.12d, near the top of Glacier Point.

You can download the image from NG as a wall paper >here.<

9 thoughts on “National Geographic Extreme Photo of the Week

  1. I got my Natl Geo monthy issue today and this shot is full-spread on the title page. Awesome job Mike! Since I don’t see any other credits on other pictures, can I assume that’s the only one that is in the mag?

    What am I saying… “the only one in the mag” Awesome awesome Mike! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for sharing a high resolution photo of this. I saw it in myyahoo news scroller and had to have it as a wallpaper; it’s a fantastic picture.

    – Andrew

  3. hell yeah! that is awesome!
    I might have to go get a print copy even.

    By the way, I heard that one of the assistants for that gig is really cute and maybe even lives in Alaska. Maybe you could set me up…

    1. Ya that’s the “only” one Nat 😉

      I don’t know Tobey I think some one is putting a ring on the girls finger soon?

  4. Mikey,
    My first grade class thanks you for sharing! I put your photo on my desktop on my smart board so it is shown about 4’x6′ and we all love to look at it throughout the day. Beautiful job!

      1. Does the photo really have the pixels to support a 50″ print?

        I’m still really excited for you Mike, congrats again.

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