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Paklineca, Croaita

The Limestone Walls of Paklenica

I just got back from an amazing month long trip to Slovenia and Croatia. Kate and I spent the first couple weeks of the trip getting familiar with the steep limestone of Misja Pec in southern Slovenia and then headed to Paklineca in Croatia for the second half of the trip. Brittany Griffith joined us for the second half which really helped to keep the stoke high (and made taking photos easier).

I think I’m still a bit pumped from all the steep rock over there!

Here are few of my favs:

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Cover: National Geographic Magazine


It’s obviously not the US version of National Geographic Magazine but hey I’ll still take it!


Most of the readers of my blog already know last year I worked as Jimmy Chin’s assistant for a feature article on climbing in Yosemite for National Geograhic magazine.  Well the article is out in print now (though I actually haven’t seen it…)  and online.  We spent nearly 50 days of  shooting and then close to 10 more days of editing to and came away with 11 images that made it into the mag.  Hands down it was the largest project I’ve ever been involved with.  And needless to say it was an amazing opportunity learn and to see how National Geographic gets it done.  I’ll be forever indebted to Jimmy for asking me to be part of the project.  I barely knew Jimmy before the shoot and had a great time getting to know him and watch him work his magic.  It was a truly inspirational project.


As well has learning a ton I managed to make a few images along they way when I wasn’t doing my duties as an assistant.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think one of the images would ever get published, let alone the double page opening spread in the article, and the above cover shot.   I’m still having a hard time believing it….




While assisting Jimmy I also shot a bunch of video along with Renan Ozturk that Camp4 Collective edited and made into 3 short videos that are airing online at

(sorry I can’t directly imbed the video… click on the image to watch it at