Kicks A$$.

Today was my first day climbing in 5 weeks.  Definitely the longest duration I’ve gone without climbing in a really long time! (hard to recall exactly but probably 5 years).  5 weeks ago I sprained my ankle in a pretty serious way coming off of El Cap.  I knew when I hit the ground that is was going to be awhile before I was walking let alone climbing.  Walking is pretty easy these days though I’ve still got a limp.  Climbing is just barely doable…  I used my heal a lot as putting weight on my toes is still fairly challenging still.  But regardless I managed to climb 3 pitches of 5.easy at Smith Rocks today.   The climbing was great but equally as cool was just being at the crag hanging with friends.  That is hell of a lot more fun that sitting in my van watching movies!!!!

Now I just need to not over due it and make sure I’m ready for the upcoming season down in Patagonia.  My Dec 5th departure date isn’t that far away.

This should be a cool rock climbing pic but I haven't taken any lately... so here's a pic from the parking lot.

Another pic only a 5 second walk from the van


This one was maybe 2 minutes from the car... Big day for me.