Astro Choss on Exupery

Climbing is complicated. It comes in many forms. It evokes many emotions and tries us in many ways. More than any other week of my almost 20 years of climbing have I felt that this week. The highs have brought tears just as much as the lows. I used determination to overcome fear and just a day later have had my determination smothered by fear. I high-5’d with my bros and heard their story of one of the best climbs of their life and then had to break the news to them of the loss a beautiful young strong lady that was a friend of us all. I’ve spent nearly a year of my life climbing in Patagonia waiting for the perfect weather window to arrive and now that it has it seams like the most unimportant thing to me. Now I want it to rain, I want it to snow, and I want it to blow so I don’t have to go…

My desire to climb runs deep in my veins except for right now.

Below are some pics from mine and Kate’s new route on St. Exupery, called Astro Choss. Not much to say about it. We started and the bottom, jammed some clean rock, climbed some icy rock, aided some chossy rock, and then stood on top.

Kate in front of St. Exupery

Kate in front of St. Exupery after our failed first attempt

 Rapping from pitch 3

Rapping from pitch 3 after our first go at it

Me crossing the schrund via a cool bit of face climbing

A bit of good climbing on pitch 3 before the rock gets bad

More photos after the break.

Kate at the start of the choss

How fun! Loose, wet chimney climbing!

The last good pitch of the route. (just above half way)

Icy choss

Good rock but awkward aid climbing

Alpine aid climbing trickery! Using the ice tool as a mini stick clip.

What epic isn't complete without climbing at night

um ya that was… fun… kinda… OK not really

On the ridge where we joined the


The route line of Astro Choss on the South Face of St Exupery

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  1. wow, if you get any more tech’ed out, I’ll be able to execute your stick-clips from within the matrix!

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