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National Geographic Adventure Photo of the Week: Dean Potter Highlining

Finally after 6 months of waiting I can share this image of Dean Potter walking a line up on Cathedral Peak in Yosemite.  Hands down this is one of the craziest images I’ve ever captured.  A lot  of the credit really should goto Dean though as he was  the one who dreamed up the shot over a year ago.  I shot this image while on assignment for National Geographic Television while shooting A TV show on Dean.  I’ll post more of the details about the show soon.

Dean Potter slacklines on Cathedral Peak

NG Adventure online decide to pickup the image for their Extreme Photo of the Week to promote the TV show which put a nice smile on my face.  There are a few paragraphs over there talking a little bit more about the image.  Check it out here:  http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/extreme-photo-of-the-week/#/dean-potter-human-flight_48311_600x450.jpg





Double Cover Month

Pretty stoked to have managed to get not only one but two covers this month! Both images have some pretty classic stories behind them as well.

The shot of Cerro Torre, in Patagonia was taken last year while hiking out after climbing St. Exupery with Kate. We briefly stopped on the hike to have a look at Cerro Torre as it was getting engulfed by a pretty serious storm. I had with me my Panasonic GF1 which is a great camera but I only had my fixed 14mm lens on it, which was to wide of an angle for the shot. So I asked Kate if I could borrow her Canon S90 point and shoot which had a decent zoom on it. Thankfully she said yes! I snapped off 3 pics and kept walking not really thinking they were anything special. Turns out I got one decent shot.


Patagonia's 2012 Mountain Catalog

Patagonia's 2012 Mountain Catalog


Nearing the end of our month long climbing trip to Slovenia and Croatia, Brittany Griffith, Kate and I decided to check out this amazing cliff just outside the mouth of Paklenica. The climbing was great though we were all extremely tired after climbing for to many days in a row. We had already packed our bags up and were about ready to head down the trail when some epic light started to pop out behind some clouds. I pleaded with the girls to unpack their bags and do one more pitch for me. They weren’t exactly enthusiastic, but thankfully I managed to persuade them. Just so happens this was the last route I shot and one of the last frames of the trip. I owe the ladies for this one.

Patagonia's Euro 2012 Spring/Summer Catalog

Patagonia's Euro 2012 Spring/Summer Catalog

Cover: National Geographic Magazine


It’s obviously not the US version of National Geographic Magazine but hey I’ll still take it!


Most of the readers of my blog already know last year I worked as Jimmy Chin’s assistant for a feature article on climbing in Yosemite for National Geograhic magazine.  Well the article is out in print now (though I actually haven’t seen it…)  and online.  We spent nearly 50 days of  shooting and then close to 10 more days of editing to and came away with 11 images that made it into the mag.  Hands down it was the largest project I’ve ever been involved with.  And needless to say it was an amazing opportunity learn and to see how National Geographic gets it done.  I’ll be forever indebted to Jimmy for asking me to be part of the project.  I barely knew Jimmy before the shoot and had a great time getting to know him and watch him work his magic.  It was a truly inspirational project.


As well has learning a ton I managed to make a few images along they way when I wasn’t doing my duties as an assistant.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think one of the images would ever get published, let alone the double page opening spread in the article, and the above cover shot.   I’m still having a hard time believing it….




While assisting Jimmy I also shot a bunch of video along with Renan Ozturk that Camp4 Collective edited and made into 3 short videos that are airing online at NG.com.

(sorry I can’t directly imbed the video… click on the image to watch it at NG.com)


National Geographic Extreme Photo of the Week

After patiently waiting since last November I can share some of the work I did along side Jimmy Chin for National Geographic.

More pics and videos to come shortly. Until then here is National Geographic’s Extreme photo of the week. This photo still give’s me the chills.

Almost forgot to mention this is Dean Potter free soloing Heaven, 5.12d, near the top of Glacier Point.

You can download the image from NG as a wall paper >here.<

The Love Letter

Last September between assisting with Jimmy Chin, for a Nat Geo project, I was asked to shoot a multi-week backcountry project for a great friend Fitz Cahall. He’s best know for The Dirtbag Diaries, but he has also produced a web TV series The Season.

Fitz and Becca’s dream trip finally came to realization, a month long adventure that would start in Sequoia Kings Canyon and take them northward criss crossing through the Sierra’s, eventually depositing them north of Yosemite National Park at the Incredible Hulk.  Epic to say the least.

This was one of the most demanding shoots I’d been asked to do.  Not only did I have to shoot all the video content but was shooting for a feature article for Climbing Magazine as well as Outdoor Research.  Thankfully I had Kate with me for most of the shoot to keep me from going completely crazy!

As always Fitz and Becca did a great job producing, and how couldn’t they when their production company’s name is Duct Tape Then Beer…..