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Patagonia at Night

While descending from Poincenot a couple weeks ago my finger started to turn red and get a tad bit painful. In my state of exhaustion I didn’t really pay much attention as my body was prioritizing my needs over my pain. Once arriving back at camp, getting some rest and eating some food it became obvious there was something wrong with my finger. After 7 hours of hiking back to town the pain was becoming unbearable. What started out as a little red spot had swollen up like a grape and turned bright red and yellow… A trip to the hospital was mandatory. One week later when the weather got good again my finger was still painful and not ready to go back to the mountains. I’d be sitting out another excellent 2 day window.

So to entertain myself I hiked around town and setup a few different cameras. I’ve got a project that I’m working on that I need to doing a bunch of time lapses. A couple of the cameras sat for 3 days. The cool things about time lapses is not only do they make a cool video clips but sometimes the individual frames are worth themselves. Below are two of the better frames I got as well as gross pic of my finger!

Click on the pics to have a better view of them, they deserve it.

El Chalten and Fitz


Some peeps rapping Cerro Torre right before the weather closed out



Really gross and very painful